Speaker Profile: Teresita M. Yujuico

Teresita M. Yujuico has built and run business and charitable organizations for over 30 years.

In the first phase of her life, she focused on raising her 7 children. Once her youngest began high school, she decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and pursue her MBA. With her family rooting for her all the way, she applied and was accepted to the University of Chicago Executive MBA Program.

Teresita has applied her signature entrepreneurial spirit and inexhaustible work ethic to causes most important to her- education and providing the essentials for underprivileged children. The foundation she raises funds programs such as:

•The School of Hope in Iba Zambales,

•School Essentials – providing books, notebooks, bags, uniforms and shoes for underprivileged children

•No Kid Hungry- A feeding program for school children in Baguio, Tanay, and Zambales

•Plaza Aldea Free Medical Clinic- Providing free medical care to an underserved community

•The Forever Forest- Planting trees to help counteract global warming in provinces prone to landslides and flooding


•Unsung Women Heroes Award- Soroptimist Intl Makati

In recognition of her work to advance the interest of women and girls

•The Sorpotimist Ruby Award- Soroptimist Intl Makati

In recognition of her work to improve the lives of women and girls

•Unsung Women Heroes Award- Soroptimist Int Metro Manila SE District

In recognition of her initiatives to improve the lives of the Aeta Community in IBA Zambales, for establishing a school within that community, and for her fundraising and scholarship efforts for marginalized Filipino youth.


•Bachelor of Arts, University of Santo Tomas

•MBA, Booth Graduate School of Business, Singapore

Other Activities

•Former President of the Booth Graduate School of Business Alumni Assn. Philippines

•Mother Butler Guild

•University of Santo Tomas Alumni Association

•PCCI Ladies Group

•Lifetime Special Member of the Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce (CACCI)