Speaker Profile: Markus M. Lötzsch

Mr. Lötzsch joined Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry in April 2008 as Deputy Managing Director, and has been appointed General Director of the Chamber since August 2008 until present.

Prior to his career in Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Lötzsch was with the Law Firm Fiedler & Forster in Munich in 1993, and later worked in Bavarian Ministry for Economics, Transportation and Technology from 1994-1996.  He was Deputy Managing Director of Bayern International GmbH, Munich from 1999-2003 and Chair of the Management Board, Economic Development Sachsen GmbH, Dresden from 2003-2008.

Mr. Lötzsch graduated from Goethe Gymnasium, Neu-Isenburg in 1983.  He was a bank trainee at the Dresdner bank AG Frankfurt from 1983-1985, and studied law at the University of Bayreuth.  In addition, he received in-service training in Würzburg and Aschaffenburg.

Mr. Lötzsch was born in Tegernsee, Germany in 1964.  He is married with two daughters.