Speaker Profile: Seyed Hassan Tabatabaei Nejad


1991-1998: Medical School, Tehran University of medical Sciences (TUMS)

Positions Held:

2012- Present:  Secretary and Member of the Board, International Healthcare Association

2011- Present: Managing Director, Sina Health System

2001-2003: Head of Industry Relation Office, Iran's National Medical Research center (NMRC)

2002-2003: Deputy for Development of Management and Resources, NMRC

2002-2005: Member, Iran's Medical Ethics National Committee

2003-2005: Member of Research Supreme Committee, Iran's Medical Council

2008-2009: Secretary, Export Development Taskforce, Iran's Ministry of Health and Medical Education

2000- Present: Chairman, Imafar Co.

1993-1996: Secretary and other positions, Students Scientific Research Center, TUMS

1996-1997: Editor, Official Publication of Medical School, TUMS

1995-2000: Research Advisor, Medical School, TUMS

Key Qualifications:

 Methodology of Healthcare and Social Research  Project Management

 Exhibition and Conference Management

 Business Development

 Health and Wellness Tourism

 Development of Healthcare Clusters  Sustainable Healthcare

 Electronic Health

 Quality Management