Speaker Profile: Samantha Ranatunga

Joined the Board of CIC on 21st May 2002, appointed Chief Operating Officer in February 2005 and appointed Managing Director/CEO in April 2009. Holds a degree from the University of Delhi and a Masters in Business Administration, UK. Non Executive Director of a number of unlisted companies in the CIC Group including Akzo Nobel Lanka Paints (Pvt) Limited, Perfunova International Limited, India and Seylan Bank, PLC. He is a Committee Member of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, the President of the Sri Lanka Africa Middle East Business Council and the Vice President of the Sri Lanka-Maldivian Business Council and has led Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce delegation to various countries such as South Africa, Dubai, Maldives, Iran, Pakistan and Chile. He is also the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce nominee in the Mercantile Services Provident Society.

In addition, he had been a pioneer in coordinating and setting up of CIC Agribusinesses which is the premier agricultural company in Sri Lanka. He has helped in developing the seed to shelf concept where 20,000 farmer families are helped to bring produce to consumers. He has also studied the agricultural measurement and productivity systems in Australia, india, Thailand, Portugal, Chile and in many other countries.