About the Conference


The CACCI Conferences have been very effective fora for exchanging information and ideas among members on issues of concern to members and to businessmen in the region, as well as for exploring opportunities for business relationships. For the last 49 years, CACCI has brought together businessmen and key entrepreneurs in personal contact through meetings and Conferences held in major cities in the region. The themes of these gatherings have focused on current issues that have significant impact on the way business is conducted by Asian firms. CACCI has continued this tradition and maintained the quality of their contents by ensuring that they are always relevant and topical.


Carrying the theme “Asia Beyond Limits”, this year's 29th CACCI Conference to be held in Hong Kong on October 29-30, 2015 aims to provide another valuable platform for CACCI members and invited experts to share their views on measures that the business sector and governments in the region can undertake to take full advantage of the current opportunities offered not just by markets in the Asia-Pacific region but by countries in other parts of the world as well, thereby enabling them to grow beyond the domestic borders and into the global market.

Eminent speakers have been invited to speak on timely and relevant issues, including the following:

  1. One-Belt, One Road Initiative: Opportunities for Asian Business - This session will examine how the One Belt, One Road policy is expected to boost levels of infrastructure development across Central Asia and along the maritime silk road, what its impact will be on the economies in the region that are covered by the initiative, how it can help to support economic growth and trade in these countries, and what opportunities will it offer to businesses in the region.
  2. Challenges in Investing Overseas: Challenges in Investing Overseas - This session will feature speakers who will share their views on some of the challenges in investing overseas, including the need for adequate management and systems support, extensive market research involving both the industry, product and local regulations governing foreign investment, realistic assessment of what resource utilization the investment will entail, and factoring of political and foreign exchange risks into the business plan, among others.
  3. Promoting the Internationalisation of SMEs - This session will examine ways of assisting SMEs tap into the international market. These are not limited to exporting their products and services, but also to attracting investors and business partners. Invited speakers will share their views on why it is essential for SMEs in this region to accept the reality of the globalization of markets, and how they can enhance their growth by exploiting this new economic environment.
Parallel sectoral breakout sessions will also be organized that will gather government and private sector experts for dialogue and panel discussion on important sectoral issues and to discuss possible areas of cooperation among industry players in the region. Furthermore, A special session on Discover Business Opportunities Through CACCI will feature country presentations by selected member chambers on current economic conditions in their respective countries and opportunities for trade and investments.


You will stand to greatly benefit from attending the 29th CACCI Conference in Hong Kong if you or your organisation:

  • seeks to be a regional or global player
  • is looking for growth
  • is looking for diversification
  • is looking for access to new markets
  • is looking for access to resources and supplies
  • is looking for access to skills and know-how
  • is looking for access to technology
You do not want to miss this great opportunity for networking and interaction with other businessmen and government representatives from other Asian countries.